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Shopper shares surprisingly easy thrift store hack for 'beautiful' gift wrapping: 'This is such a good idea'

"Two gifts in one!"

"Two gifts in one!"

Photo Credit: Instagram

We have all been there — that moment when you realize the piece of wrapping paper you cut isn't going to get the job done. Insert all the screams here. One thrifter shares a tip so that you never have to experience that feeling again.

The scoop

Sustainability enthusiast Sarah Bucci (@ranch.and.relaxation) posted a video to show a genius gift wrap alternative that will make your presents stand out above the rest.

Enter thrift-store-bought silk scarves. 

"They are usually a few dollars and make fantastic and sustainable gift wrap!" Sarah exclaimed in the caption.

Just place the gift in the center of the scarf and tie the opposite ends accordingly. It's that easy.

Directly inspired by Furoshiki (explained here by Japan Objects), Sarah noted that different-sized scarves can accommodate almost any gift, no matter how bulky.  

A fantastic replacement for disposable gift wrap, it's also the gift that keeps on giving since the recipient gets to keep the scarf too.

How it's working

Americans spend more than $12.7 billion on gift wrap every year, according to an article in HuffPost, per a 2017 Sundale Research report. That's a lot of money to spend on something designed to be ripped apart and thrown away.

The innovative style of gift giving in the video saves money, time, tape, frustration, and waste. It's also unique in style and presentation, which makes it trend-worthy. It's a way to inspire others to do the same, minimizing pollution and creating a cooler, cleaner future for all of us. 

Earth911 estimates that the U.S. produces 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper annually. Unfortunately, most gift wrap can't be recycled because of foil and glitter additives. Because of this, about 2.3 million pounds wind up in our already overflowing landfills — half of all the gift wrap made in one year.

Alternative gift-wrapping methods can make a huge impact. If you're trying to declutter, this is a great way to save money and use old items without throwing them away. You can also use sheets of fabric, old calendars, packaging paper, or recyclable wrapping paper.

What people are saying

The hack was much appreciated with more than 39,000 likes.

"This is such a good idea," one Instagrammer raved.

"If you don't love the scarf use it to wrap your next gift and pass it along," a comment advised.

"Two gifts in one!!" wrote a third.

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