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Resident irritated after encountering massive display of wealth on yacht dock: 'So rich that money loses meaning'

The yacht was spotted in Palm Beach, Florida, where expensive yachts are a dime a dozen.

The yacht was spotted in Palm Beach, Florida, where expensive yachts are a dime a dozen.

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While the ultra-rich continue to face scrutiny for producing an outsized share of planet-warming pollution, some of the world's wealthiest people have decided to do without luxury "toys" like superyachts. 

However, there are still plenty of rich people who love to flaunt their wealth, as one Redditor found out when they came across a superyacht with two smaller boats on board. 

They posted the photo in the r/Anticonsumption Reddit community with the caption, "When your private yacht is so massive that you get to bring along the yacht's smaller [yachts]."

Photo Credit: Reddit

The huge yacht was spotted in Palm Beach, Florida, where expensive yachts are a dime a dozen. Docked at a marina, the sleek black megayacht looks like the epitome of extravagance with two smaller boats — one a lavish yacht in itself —- stored near the ship's bow. 

Some people in the comments pointed out the need for having a smaller boat on board. According to Discover Boating, large boats use the smaller craft to transport people and supplies to shore in shallow waters. However, having two extra vessels for that purpose seems unnecessary and beyond any needs for emergencies. 

Superyachts are highly destructive to the environment, with each producing over 7,700 tons of planet-warming gases each year if kept on standby, as per the Guardian. That amounts to more than 1,500 times the annual pollution the average family vehicle generates, according to a separate article by the Guardian

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A 2021 analysis of billionaires' carbon pollution found that superyachts are "the far worst asset to own from an environmental standpoint," as The Conversation reports.

Air pollution caused by burning dirty fuels like diesel, which powers many superyachts, is responsible for a staggering 20% of early deaths worldwide, according to a Harvard University study

People in the Reddit thread weren't shy about sharing their disdain for overconsumption. 

"Some yachts are hosting submarines. Sometimes you may be so rich that money loses meaning," one person said

"But they told me my 2008 Lancer was the problem," another snarkily added

The photo sparked outrage with another Reddit user, as evidenced by their passionate comment: "This is what humanity is being ground down and bled dry for. THIS is what the world is being destroyed [for]. You're seeing the results of THOUSANDS of people being overworked, underpaid, put in debt, and struggling just to live. THAT is what produces THIS."

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