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Photo of Jeff Bezos' extra $100 million 'support' yacht sparks outrage: 'Wondering at what point one wasn't enough'

"It houses all the toys for the parent yacht."

"It houses all the toys for the parent yacht."

Photo Credit: Reddit

As if one $500 million superyacht wasn't enough, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos added a second $100 million mega-boat to his fleet, stirring up a storm in social media comment sections. 

One Redditor posted a recent photo of the new yacht in the appropriately named subreddit r/Anticonsumption

The 246-foot support vessel named Abeona can be seen tailing Bezos' much larger 417-foot triple-masted sailing yacht called Koru, which is both the largest and tallest "pure" sailing yacht in the world, clocking in at 230 feet tall, according to YachtWorld.  

The Redditor said in the caption: "Friendly reminder that the King of Overconsumption himself has a second, $100 million mega yacht [following] his $500 million mega yacht so his (at time of purchase) girlfriend can have a floating helipad."

However, one user pointed out the purpose of the "spare yacht": "It houses all the toys for the parent yacht. Extremely decadent I agree but it's not a spare by any means. They generally stick together even on ocean passages," they explained

Still, it seems excessive, especially considering the massive impact of ships this size on the environment. According to the New York Post, Koru generates at least 7,154 tons of heat-trapping pollution annually — around 447 times the amount produced yearly by most Americans, as an analysis by Indiana University researchers discovered. 

And that doesn't even consider the planet-warming gases produced by the diesel-powered Abeona.

While Koru is primarily propelled by the wind, the superyacht still creates mind-boggling amounts of pollution from the energy required to heat and cool the ship and power its amenities.

"The helicopters onboard, the jetskis, the high energy-using luxury items like pools, hot tubs, private submarines and tenders … It is like having a hotel running on the water all the time," Richard Wilk, one of the researchers involved in a climate research study, told the Guardian

Unsurprisingly, many commenters in the thread had zero issues calling out the Amazon billionaire. 

"Wondering at what point one wasn't enough anymore," one commenter wrote. 

"Someone needs to tell the orcas to go after it," another joked. 

"This would be the head of the same company which denies workers need to unionize to get a fair wage?" added another Redditor. 

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