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Plant parent reveals seemingly 'scary' hack that could save your houseplants: 'This is how you prolong their life … '

"It's my greatest party trick!"

"It’s my greatest party trick!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

Ever wish you could make your plants last forever? One TikToker has the solution.

The scoop

Gardener and preserver Kaleb Wyse (@wyseguide) shared his hack on how to keep your plants growing. "This is how you prolong their life," he says.


When the weather is cold outside and all of the Christmas decor is put away, I find myself needing some life inside. So I end up splitting lots of houseplants. It's therapeutic and it adds some nice greenery!

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In the video, Kaleb demonstrates how to split house plants, saying, "It seems scary, but it really isn't."

When a plant fills a container, the roots get smashed. So it's time to pull them apart. Kaleb suggests seeing where it naturally divides and splitting it from there.

Then you can repot the two halves separately. Two plants for the price of one, and it spreads life around the house. 

"It's therapeutic and it adds some nice greenery!" Kaleb said. "It's my greatest party trick!" 

How it's helping

Turning one plant into several is a cost-effective way to spread your garden. Using what you already have is a resourceful way to save money and an extra tip to the store.

Having a green thumb connects a person to nature and Earth. The Lancet Planetary Health reported that those who garden are healthier than those who don't because of the increased physical exercise and overall fiber intake. 

It's also an opportunity to experiment and get creative, which is great for the mind.

Gardening your own vegetables is a win for you and the environment, as it enhances your local ecosystem while decreasing your reliance on the often very wasteful food industry.

Agriculture is responsible for 11% of the world's carbon pollution, according to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. Gardening reduces agricultural impact on the environment by decreasing the demand for mass-produced, store-bought, and globally shipped produce since food isn't being transported or packaged. 

Most store-bought produce is wrapped in plastic. According to Statista, around 40 million tons of plastic are produced each year and only about 5% gets recycled, so you're doing the environment a giant favor by producing your own food. 

What everyone's saying?

While most people were curious about where the planter was from, there was also appreciation.

"I'm glad to see someone else puts dirt all over their kitchen while planting!!" one TikToker exclaimed.

"Lovely," said another.

If you enjoyed Kaleb's hack, check out his website for recipes, gardening how-to articles, and more.

He writes, "Whether you live in a city center or have decided rural life is for you, I hope to inspire you with the projects and recipes I use in daily life. We can't all live on a farm, but we all need farms in our lives."

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