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Gardener reveals little-known hack for saving cash when buying soil: 'They'll usually take all these ... and mark them down'

"Every dollar counts on your garden budget."

"Every dollar counts on your garden budget.”

Photo Credit: TikTok

Indoor and outdoor gardeners alike understand that soil is shockingly expensive. This tip could save you precious dollars on your next plant endeavor. 

The scoop

One gardener on TikTok showed us his favorite tip for getting a discount on bags of soil. Matt Gardens (@matt_gardens) brings viewers along for a trip to the garden center to search for bags in the soil section that have been ripped or damaged. "They'll usually take all these damaged bags and place them into one area and mark them down."

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He tells followers to look for the bags close to full to get the most bang for your buck, as he saves over a dollar off each bag he purchased. "Not much, but every dollar counts on your garden budget." The amount is up to the store, but most will give you at least some discount. 

How it's helping

Gardening has been proved to help reduce stress and increase overall well-being. It is also a way to incorporate more veggies into your diet, and 30 minutes in the garden is a decent form of exercise. 

Gardening can be beneficial for the environment as well. Taking care of a garden can maintain soil health and fertility and thus help the soil capture more carbon from the atmosphere. Carbon is one of the gases that contribute to the warming of the planet. 

Additionally, if more people plant native plants, it can attract beneficial native pollinators and support local ecosystems. While not everyone has access to the space for a large backyard garden, even a small window box with some herbs can give some obenefits to you and the ecosystem. 

What everyone's saying

Folks in the comments seem to love a deal, with some having gotten their soil for an even bigger discount. One person said, "Mine that I get are usually marked down 50%." 

Another person simply said, "I like it! Thanks for the tip."

There was also some inside scoop from someone who seems like an employee at Lowe's. "Broken bags half price at Lowe's. Please don't try to break the bag yourself; we're not stupid." The original creator responded, "Yeah! 100% agree! Please don't break bags! That could ruin this generous deal for everyone!"

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