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Gardener shares hack for getting a near-infinite supply of herbs: 'I'm literally never buying herbs again'

"It's so easy."

Rosemary hack for getting a near-infinite supply of herbs

Photo Credit: @marfskitchengarden/ TikTok

Rosemary can enhance the flavor of many dishes, so it's a great spice to have on hand whenever you need it. 

And thanks to one gardening hack on TikTok, you'll never have to worry about running out of rosemary again.

The scoop

In a viral TikTok video, Martha (@marfskitchengarden) shared a gardening trick that seems almost too good to be true: endless rosemary.

"Did you know you can grow a lifetime's supply of rosemary just using one packet of cut rosemary from the supermarket?" she says.

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First, strip the bottom leaves from the stem and trim the bottom. Place your rosemary sprigs in water to promote root growth and propagation. Be sure to change the water each week, and after about three to four weeks, you'll notice roots growing.

Once you notice the roots, it's time to plant them in pots. Rosemary thrives in a free-draining, soil-based mix, so Martha uses soil from her garden to plant the sprigs. Add the sprigs to the pots, ensuring the roots are covered.

In some climates, rosemary is a perennial plant, meaning it will continue growing yearly. In zones seven to eleven, rosemary will thrive every year. If you live in colder zones, be sure to bring the herbs inside for winter. 

How it's helping

With this genius gardening hack, you'll save money and benefit the environment.

Instead of repeatedly buying rosemary plants or spice jars, this technique will give you endless rosemary with a bit of work and patience. You can remove rosemary from your shopping list for good, and your wallet will thank you. 

Plus, locally grown food reduces harmful air pollution from vehicles required for transit. And when you're bringing plants and vegetables straight from your garden to the kitchen, wasteful single-use packaging is unnecessary. 

What everyone's saying

TikTokers were excited to try Martha's rosemary trick, sharing their thanks in the comment section. 

"I'm literally never buying herbs again," one user wrote. "I did this with basil, it's so easy." 

"Thanks for this idea. [I've been] wanting to plant a rosemary plant for a long time," another said. 

One user added, "I did not know that! Looks like I'm about to take cuttings and have all the rosemary bushes!"

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