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Homeowner confused by neighbor's unusual yard work during snowstorm: 'It's all very strange'

"I thought you were exaggerating"

"I thought you were exaggerating"

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Rain, snow, or shine, grass lovers will forever be burdened with constant maintenance of their lawn. 

In a post on the r/NoLawns subreddit, a user shared a photo of their neighbor undertaking a hilarious and troubling chore: mowing his lawn during snowfall.

"I thought you were exaggerating"
Photo Credit: Reddit

"He was mowing the most difficult part of the yard (the ditch)," the user added in a follow-up comment. "Also, he picked the first real snow of the season (and it won't snow for the next week). It's all very strange."

An added wrinkle to the puzzle: It might not even be the house of the person mowing the lawn. "I'm pretty sure it's his daughter's house. He doesn't even live there," the user added in a comment.

Traditional grass is among the most inefficient, expensive, and labor-intensive ways to decorate a yard. According to TCD's rewilding guide, you could save 175,000 gallons of water every year if you switch from a traditional grass lawn to a yard full of native plants.

Additionally, you could save up to $600 a year on yard maintenance by axing traditional grass, according to TCD's yard guide.

Gas-guzzling lawn mowers, like the one that the neighbor appears to be using in the picture, are incredibly energy inefficient when it comes to energy. An hour of running a dirty-fuel-powered lawn mower puts out the equivalent pollution to driving a new car 45 miles.

Users shared their impressions of the chilly mower in the comment section.

"He's simply mulching the snow. Genius," one user joked.

"[W]hen I read the title, I thought you were exaggerating and just ripping on your neighbor. Nothing prepared me for the agony of opening this post and seeing your neighbor in a hat, coat, and gloves, LITERALLY mowing the lawn as the snow is falling," another user wrote.

"This is hilarious," a third user commented.

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