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Upset shopper sparks outrage with photo of new 48-piece silverware set: 'How is this stuff even legal?'

"Why on earth are they wrapped in protective coating?"

"Why on earth are they wrapped in protective coating?"

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When you buy something new, you've probably noticed the sheer amount of plastic companies use in their packaging. Sometimes, an item contains so much excessive plastic waste it seems almost criminal — like this silverware set a Reddit user recently posted in the r/Anticonsumption thread. 

The photo shows a bunch of plastic wrap the outraged Redditor had removed from each utensil, with "this is too much" written above it. 

"Why on earth are they wrapped in protective coating?"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The caption read, "My 48 piece silverware set that's dishwasher safe came with each utensil individually wrapped in plastic. The steak knives came with additional plastic covers AND cardboard covers. Why on earth are they wrapped in protective coating? The literal first thing I'm gonna do is throw them in the dishwasher anyways!"

Unfortunately, this is just a small glimpse into the massive plastic waste problem affecting the entire planet. It doesn't only pollute the air, land, and water; it can also cause health issues for humans and animals alike. 

According to Statista, nearly 85% of the 40 million tons of plastic waste produced by the United States in 2021 ended up in landfills. Since plastic takes up to 500 years to decompose — and even then, it still disintegrates into smaller particles called microplastics — it poses a huge environmental threat. 

While recycling programs can help, only 5% of U.S. plastic generated in 2021 was recycled, per a report by Greenpeace

However, there are easy ways to reduce your plastic consumption, such as choosing alternative solutions like buying reusable water bottles or grocery bags. Switching to these greener options can save you hundreds of dollars and lower your personal "garbage footprint," helping the environment as well. 

If you buy silverware like the Reddit poster, you could check out apps like Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp for bargains on gently used home goods. If you'd rather buy new flatware, opting for sustainable, high-quality brands will help you avoid excessive plastic, giving you a clean conscience every time you sit down for a meal.

People in the comments section were also upset by the unnecessary packaging, with one user writing, "How is this stuff even legal???"

"Probably the real reason is some person with not enough hobbies whining about a couple micro scratches and having to deal with a return and open box product. I would prefer to see them wrap in paper. At least that would be biodegradable," another commenter said.

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