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Homeowner shares shocking before-and-after photos of formerly barren 'hellstrip': '[It] belongs on the cover of a magazine'

"Hellstrip gravelly grass turned urban jungle."

Sidewalk green space transformation, revamp front lawn

Photo Credit: u/Desperasaurus / Reddit

A homeowner in Tacoma, Washington, received tons of praise after turning a dry and boring gravely sidewalk into a lush, green space.

A Reddit user posted before-and-after photos of a stretch of sidewalk in front of their home. The first photo shows a desolate patch of dirt and gravel, and the second shows a colorful and healthy variety of plants. The finished area has trees, flowers, and other plants of various species, adding tremendous curb appeal to the once-bland sidewalk.

sidewalk green space transformation
Photo Credit: u/Desperasaurus / Reddit

"Hellstrip gravelly grass turned urban jungle," wrote the original poster in the caption. They also added information about their process in the comments, stating, "I replaced the soil with Tagro, which is a city made human manure mixed with yard waste compost. It's pretty awesome."

Tagro, as the Reddit poster mentioned, is made from human waste instead of cow waste. Today, many city sewage systems are overworked, which can lead to lines breaking and waste spills that cause pollution. So finding a productive use for human waste can help address the issue of overrun sewage systems. 

It also reduces the need for traditional cow manure, the processing and storage of which also contributes to pollution. Plus, Tagro is said to last longer and be more nutrient-dense than cow manure.

Having greenery replace gravel is also good for the environment and the community. Plants pull carbon dioxide — a toxic gas leading to Earth's rising temperatures — from the air. Additionally, plants can absorb chemicals and heavy metals that further harm the environment. Translation: plants are good for the air you breathe and the ground you walk on.

Simply seeing greenery is good for mental health, too, and can reduce the symptoms of anxiety. By revitalizing this patch of public land, this Reddit user is helping the environment and their neighbors.

Redditors love the images and are asking for gardening guidance from the poster.

"What a difference! Belongs on the cover of a magazine," commented one Redditor.

"Not only good for the environment, but amazing curb appeal!" wrote another Redditor.

"Whoa- can we get some advice, please? This is awesome," added another Reddit user.

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