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Plant expert shares cost-effective hack to transform common household materials into tools any gardener can utilize: 'Love this idea'

"Such cool ideas. I will utilize them once I have my garden."

"Such cool ideas. I will utilize them once I have my garden."

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With the weather warming up, it's a great time to plant seeds in your garden. Save time and money by following this hack and repurpose common household products.

The scoop

Plant expert Rada (@ecowithrada) shared a fun and cost-effective hack to help gardeners grow new seedlings without heading to the store to buy new pots. A number of household items, even items of waste, can work. According to Rada, "Everything can be used as a seedling pot."

The video shows Rada reusing waste products like tin cans, plastic cartons, and milk jugs. As long as there are drainage holes in the container, it can be a great home for a new little seedling. Create holes in the bottom of hard surfaces like a tin can by using a hammer and a tool with a sharp end like a screwdriver.

You can even use empty cardboard tubes. For this method, make four small cuts on one end of the tube, then fold in each section to make a solid bottom. This will provide a surface for the dirt to settle on. Once you've made your tubes, you can situate them inside a larger container, like a milk jug, to stabilize them and keep multiple seedlings separated.

Rada says, "Save the environment — save money!"

How it's working

By using this method for your gardening needs, you don't have to spend your time shopping or spend money on new pots. And this way, you're also helping the environment.

A key step toward a cooler, cleaner future is proper waste management. It can help to keep in mind the "5 Rs": Refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle. By performing this hack, you'll be reusing and repurposing items that can later be recycled. You'll also be limiting the amount you consume unnecessarily (refuse) and purchasing less (reduce), which means this activity checks the boxes for all 5 Rs.

The University of Colorado Boulder reports, "Project Drawdown estimates that recycling between 2020 and 2050 will reduce emissions by 5.5 to 6.02 gigatons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to taking over one billion cars off the streets for one year."

Thoughtful waste management can have a profound impact on our planet by both cutting down the methane-producing waste crowding in our landfills and protecting our oceans from pollution. These steps help protect our communities from extreme weather events and shield our food supply from the impacts of pollution.

There are many ways to recycle, and many companies now offer cash or store credit in exchange for unwanted items. GotSneakers will buy your used sneakers, and Marine Layer offers $5 store credit for each t-shirt you send in.

What people are saying

Rada posted, "Every little effort counts towards a greener future!" and her followers agreed. 

One user responded, "Love this idea."

Another Instagrammer said, "Such cool ideas. I will utilize them once I have my garden." 

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