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Plant expert shares free hack that makes the most out of your limited garden space: 'What a good idea!'

This plant hack helps anyone with minimal gardening space grow extra plants without sacrificing space.

This plant hack helps anyone with minimal gardening space grow extra plants without sacrificing space.

Photo Credit: TikTok

If you've been discouraged from gardening because of limited backyard space, a TikTok plant expert may change your mind.

TikToker Planted in the Garden (@plantedinthegarden) shows viewers how to maximize their garden space simply by getting creative with free nursery pots

The scoop

You might be tempted to scrap the black plastic nursery pots that come with new plants in favor of something more decorative, but they can come in handy, especially if you're working with a small gardening area. 

@plantedinthegarden Don't throw away those free nursery pots, there are ways to reuse them again and again. #gardening #gardening101 #gardenhacks #reuse #recycle #ideas ♬ original sound - Planted in the Garden

"Don't throw away those free nursery pots because you can reuse them to double pot your tomatoes without having to buy a large container," the OP says in the video, as he cuts the bottom off his tomato plant container and places it on top of the nursery pot. 

"And when you're done, you can reuse them again for next season by topping up an existing container," he says, adding soil to a pot placed on top of a hanging plant. 

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If you're using a hanging plant basket, place both pots into the container and ensure they're secure before hanging them up. 

How it's helping

This plant hack helps anyone with minimal gardening space grow extra plants without sacrificing space. It's also a great way to save time and money on buying new pots, which can be expensive depending on your desired size and materials. 

According to Gardening Know How, "double potting" also has plenty of benefits for plants. New plants need time to get used to an unfamiliar environment with different growing conditions than they were accustomed to at a retail store. Keeping plants in their original pot can help them acclimate to their new home without sacrificing growing quality. 

Double potting can make plants healthier since they have more room to establish roots and soak up water. Plus, decorative pots usually don't have drainage holes, so you won't have to worry about stagnant water with the black plastic pots. 

Reusing black plastic pots has another environmental advantage. Unfortunately, these nursery pots are non-recyclable because they're dyed with carbon inks. Single-use plastics like these can take around 450 years to degrade, according to Here By Design

By reusing them in your garden, you can keep the pots from piling up in landfills and keep your plants happy.

Growing your own food can save you even more money since you won't have to buy as much globally shipped produce at the store. In turn, you're reducing pressure on the environment, as the production and transportation of commercially grown crops contribute to the overheating of our planet. 

As a bonus, you'll have better mental and physical health since gardeners typically eat more fiber and have improved well-being.  

What everyone's saying

Commenters were blown away by the eco-friendly tip.

"What a good idea!!" one user said.

"Smart way to keep 'em out of the landfill," another commented.

"Love this!! REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE," someone said, adding a recycling symbol and smiley face of approval. 

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