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How-to expert shares 'revolutionary' use for your old food jars: 'That's a great idea'

"My gran has an entire set of drinking glasses from peanut butter."

"My gran has an entire set of drinking glasses from peanut butter."

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Reusing glass jars is a great way to save money, although there's typically one hurdle you have to overcome before the jars can be repurposed. Luckily, one TikToker posted a video showing us the proper way to prepare jars for reuse, along with some fun ways to upcycle them. 

The scoop

Problem Solved (@problemsolved) is a super-useful TikTok account that highlights solutions to pesky everyday problems. The account was created by USA Today, but the videos primarily feature creator Kristopher Juniel. In the clip, Kristopher explains how to keep using your old jars. 

@problemsolved Make use out of your old food jars by reusing and upcycling. ♻️ 🫙 #problemsolved #ecofriendly #reuse #repurposed #fyp ♬ Run through 80s retro cyberspace(951320) - Hanadayama Music Lab

He starts the video by showing viewers how to remove labels and any sticky residue. Simply place your jars in a large container with some dish soap, vinegar, and very hot water. "You want super hot water, straight from the tap, or boil a pot of water," he explains. 

After about 20 minutes, the labels should come off easily, and any residue can be scrubbed away with a sponge. Finally, if you want to use your jars for food storage, running them through a dishwasher cycle will sanitize them. 

Kristopher goes on to say jars can be used to make candles for a nice gift. You can also use your jars to propagate plants or take them to a waste-free store for bulk items. 

How it's helping

Glass jars are one of the easiest items to reuse at home. They can be used for storing food and home goods, or even propagating plants

Repurposing glass jars can keep a little money in your pocket, too. The average person doesn't buy a ton of new food storage containers, but reusing jars can save you $25 a year. It may seem small, but little savings really do add up! Plus, it's always useful to have extra jars on hand to help organize your life. 

Waste in the United States is a huge issue. According to the EPA, Americans produce 4.9 pounds per person daily, with glass making up around 4% of our municipal waste. While glass is not a huge percentage of waste, anything we do to reduce our impact helps. According to the Glass Packaging Institute, recycling six tons of glass keeps a ton of carbon out of the atmosphere.

What everyone's saying

Folks seemed to be happy to learn these helpful tips. One commenter said: "I figured out it's the best vessel to use when sharing homemade soups with friends and family."

Another person wrote: "The bulk bins idea was REVOLUTIONARY."

Someone else gave their advice: "My gran has an entire set of drinking glasses from peanut butter. They looked like mini glass beer steins." Problem Solved responded there saying: "That's a great idea!

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