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Dry cleaner shares mind-blowing method for removing red wine stains: 'Getting out stains is my favorite thing'



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If you've ever spilled wine on fabric, you probably know the feeling of your heart skipping a beat as the fear of the stain never coming out crystallizes.

But fourth-generation dry cleaner Zachary Pozniak has come to the rescue with advice on how to remove a stubborn red wine splatter from a white carpet.

The scoop

Pozniak posted a video of the hack on his Instagram account (@jeeves_ny), which runs under the name of luxury dry cleaning service Jeeves of Belgravia — for whom he is the vice president of operations. 

To make the task even trickier, Pozniak leaves the stain to soak in overnight. He starts by making a mixture of three parts water to one part distilled white vinegar, which he then pours over the stained area.

He then places cleaning towels over the spill and applies a hot iron to the top of it. It's clear from the first attempt that the wine is soaking into the cleaning towel via the steam the iron generates, and Pozniak repeats the process six times until he gets the majority of the wine out — although he notes this may vary depending on the size and stubbornness of the stain.

With as much of the wine evaporated out of the carpet as possible, Pozniak then adds hydrogen peroxide (also known as color-safe bleach) to the area to eliminate any lingering evidence of the color. After letting it air dry, the carpet looks as good as new.

How it's helping

First of all, the hack will help the cardiac health of anyone who has knocked over a glass of their favorite red wine. Being safe in the knowledge that the resulting stain can be removed will help to decrease the stress levels of homeowners.

But it will also help to stop perfectly good carpets and rugs from being disposed of, with the stain-removing trick keeping them at their pristine best for longer. 

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, over four billion pounds of carpet enter the solid waste stream every year. This makes up more than 1% of the weight and 2% of the volume of municipal solid waste. 

If the carpet is made from synthetic materials, it will not break down easily at landfill sites and will contribute to the production of methane — a potent planet-warming gas.

Not to mention that carpet cleaners are one of the most toxic cleaning chemicals you can have in your household, so finding an eco-friendly cleaning option like vinegar helps to keep your family safe and won't pollute the environment. 

Assuming the trick can work on furniture, too, it could prevent homeowners from reupholstering their chairs and sofas — although this can be a cheap and resourceful way of reviving old items. 

What's everyone saying?

"Love the process!!!" one Instagrammer commented, while another said Pozniak's videos are "Always informative." 

"YOU ARE A WITCH!" one excited user said. "A good witch! Saving us all! I love it. Getting out stains is my favorite thing and you are my god!"

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