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Homeowner at his wit's end after struggling to eradicate invasive species from property: 'This stuff is so hard to get rid of'

"The easiest way to get rid of [it] is to move to a new place that doesn't have any."

"The easiest way to get rid of [it] is to move to a new place that doesn’t have any."

Photo Credit: TikTok

One homeowner admitted defeat when he discovered the unbelievable extent of the kudzu running beneath his property.

Kudzu is an invasive plant that originated in Asia. If allowed to take root, it grows out of control and will smother anything in its path, including buildings, trees, and other plants. This behavior can destroy whole properties and habitats — which is why this plant, though pretty, hardy, and tasty, is also so hated by gardeners and environmentalists alike.

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TikToker Randall (@rhammond08) learned that lesson the hard way when trying to remove a well-established patch of kudzu in his yard. 

"I have tried everything I can to get this kudzu out of the ground," he says in his recent video, disappointment clear in his voice.

The tough, branching roots of the kudzu are visible in the shot, exposed by a muddy ditch that Randall has dug into his lawn. 

"I've been using the Dingo with that ripper right there. That's what done all this," he says, indicating more torn-up sections of lawn. "And, h***, I thought I got most of it out right here."

Then he shows a pressure washer. 

"Little did I know that if you use one of these right here and blast the dirt away, you will find this much kudzu. This stuff is so hard to get rid of. Look at that trail from where I blasted so much. I mean, I was completely covered in dirt."

Sadly, it was a losing battle. 

"I have been working to get this kudzu out," Randall continues. "But now I know better than to think that I'll ever get it all out. I'd have to cut down this hill."

He concludes by jokingly offering a kudzu root for sale: "Guaranteed to spread like wildfire."

Commenters sympathized with Randall's struggle. 

"The easiest way to get rid of kudzu is to move to a new place that doesn't have any," said one TikToker.

"This is why you SHOULDN'T plant it," said another. 

Several others recommended heavy-duty herbicides as the only way to kill the plant.

However, there are safer and more eco-friendly ways to get rid of this invasive species, like goatscaping. Once your yard is clear, you can start over with beneficial native plants.

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