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Shopper shares how they snagged a 'stunning' vintage wedding outfit at an unreal discount: 'Got plans for wearing it?'

"Hoping to break it out during springtime."

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Photo Credit: u/creamedpeaches/ Reddit

One thrifter discovered a stunning vintage bodice that shows the clear difference between traditional corsets and modern takes on the fashion item.

The Reddit user shares a photo of a white bridal bodice, originally made in France, with the caption, "Vintage Bridal Corset made in Paris." The simple white paneling is accented by the frilled sleeves, creating a simple but elegant bodice that puts similar fast-fashion items to shame. 

While it was originally made for bridal wear, you could easily use it for other occasions — just as the savvy shopper is planning to do.

"Hoping to break it out during springtime," they comment excitedly.

Discoveries like this one prove just how much value can be found through thrifting and secondhand fashion. 

Fast-fashion bodices and corsets are usually not built to last. While we don't know exactly how old this bodice is, the fact that it's vintage and still in such good condition proves that it was designed to last, rather than the cyclical, disposable approach to fashion that many modern brands have.

The fast-fashion industry generates more than 1.3 billion tons of carbon pollution every year, accounting for 5% of global carbon pollution. These toxins released into the atmosphere contribute to the overheating of our planet, part of the reason many areas of the world are facing extreme weather patterns.

That's why thrifting vintage items doesn't just bag you a unique and quality item for your wardrobe while saving you money, but it also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your fashion choices.

Other Reddit users were quick to compliment the thrifter's find.

"More a bodice than a corset but eh, who cares, it's lovely. Got plans for wearing it?" asks one Reddit user.

"This is absolutely stunning!!" comments another Reddit user, thrilled at the original poster's find.

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