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Homeowner baffled after finding damage from neighbor's landscaping company: 'I'd really like to know how that even could happen'

"An Axe-ident."

Photo Credit: iStock

Photo Credit: iStock

Imagine walking out to your yard and finding a big chunk of bark missing from your tree, with a cut that looks like someone chopped at it with a sword. You might want to make like a tree and get out of there.

That's what one Redditor discovered, so they went to the r/arborists subreddit to share the bizarre scene.  

"[Neighbor's] lawn mowing company damaged my tree," they captioned their post. "Looks like my [neighbor's] lawn mowing company slid down the hill into my maple tree and took off a big chunk of bark," they added before asking if there was anything they could do to prevent the damage from killing the tree. 

Photo Credit: Reddit

The post included a few pictures of the battered tree, showing a long, straight gash along the top of the missing section of bark. 

"I'd really like to know how that even could happen," one Redditor wondered in the comments. 

The majority of comments were people guessing what really happened. Many agreed it was from a mower, while others suggested a machete or an ax was to blame. "An Axe-ident," joked one Redditor.  

Luckily, most people agreed the tree would probably be fine

However, a couple of people noticed something else in the photos that might actually kill the tree. 

"Also, go ahead and uncover that tree's root crown!" one person wrote. "This is actually incredible advice!" another replied. "Most people aren't aware that a tree's root flare should be visible."

These concerned commenters are talking about the "mulch volcano" surrounding the bottom of the tree. It's a very common landscaping mistake that can rot the trunk and eventually kill your tree. The idea is to surround the tree with mulch but leave a few inches around the base clear so you can see the root flair. 

While this tree is likely going to survive the blow, and it seems like it was possibly an accident, it's still frustrating to have your property damaged by your careless neighbor, especially when it comes to trees

Mature trees can increase the value of your property. If a tree shades your house, it can cut down on your energy bill, and trees soak up toxic carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Hopefully, the marvelous maple lives for a long time, soaking up loads of planet-heating gas. 

"It's a great maple that provides much appreciated shade and privacy between our deck and the neighbors," the OP commented
One Redditor jokingly suggested an eye-for-an-eye solution. "Avenge the tree. You know what you need to do," they wrote

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