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Thrilled shopper shows off $20 Cuisinart stand mixer discovery at Goodwill: 'It's my white whale'

"You totally scored and it looks like it was never even used!"

"You totally scored and it looks like it was never even used!"

Photo Credit: iStock

A Reddit user's recent thrift store find is inspiring secondhand shoppers everywhere.

The post, shared in the r/ThriftStoreHauls community, showcases an incredible deal on a coveted kitchen appliance.

"You totally scored and it looks like it was never even used!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The photo reveals a pristine pink Cuisinart stand mixer, complete with all the accessories and the original owner's manual. The poster's excitement is palpable, as they celebrate finding their "white whale" at less than a tenth of its original price at their local Goodwill.

"$20 KitchenAid with accessories and owner's manual!" the original poster said about their purchase, at first accidentally identifying it as a KitchenAid model when "my excitement took over for a few," before commenters pointed out it is a still-valuable Cuisinart model. "My white whale! And it's PINK."

This once-in-a-lifetime find highlights the countless benefits of secondhand shopping. By choosing to buy used, consumers can save hundreds on high-quality items, often in like-new condition.

Thrifting also keeps perfectly good products out of landfills, reducing waste and environmental impact. According to a report by the online resale platform ThredUp, buying a used item reduces its carbon footprint by 82% compared to purchasing it new.

If everyone in the United States bought just one used item instead of new this year, it would save nearly 6 billion pounds of carbon pollution. That's equivalent to taking half a million cars off the road for a year.

Thrifting can also lead to incredible, one-of-a-kind finds. From vintage clothing to rare collectibles, secondhand stores are treasure troves waiting to be explored. And with a little patience and persistence, you might just stumble upon your own "white whale," like this lucky Redditor did.

Want to reap these benefits and more? Consult TCD's simple guide to learn how to take advantage of local and online thrift stores.

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Fellow thrifters were quick to celebrate the original poster's success.

"Finding a pink stand mixer in good condition is my thrift dream. Great find!" one commenter shared.

Another added, "You totally scored and it looks like it was never even used!"

A third chimed in, "Holy crap! It looks almost new. Have fun with that because you sure got your money's worth."

So the next time you need something, consider hitting your local thrift store first. You never know what unbeatable deals await you.

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