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Bargain hunter shares how they raced past 2 other shoppers to snag this vintage sofa for just $18: 'The deal of the century'

"Right place, right time."

Vintage Chesterfield sofa

Photo Credit: u/ROclimbingbabeCK/ Reddit

A vintage velvet Chesterfield sofa in pristine condition found its new home with a very happy Redditor, who shared the score in the Thrift Store Hauls subreddit.

"Right place, right time," the Redditor writes. "Very clean no rips, stains or anything else that shouldn't be there! Even between the cracks and the sides were clean." 

The user says they paid $18 for the sofa with their discount card. "While I waited in line two other people tried to buy it," they write.

The photo shows the dark blue sofa looking brand new — but not nearly as pricey. New velvet Chesterfields can run thousands of dollars, depending on the brand. 

Buying quality (read: expensive) furniture is better for the planet as it is built to last. While your budget may have you looking at less expensive new options, turning your focus toward secondhand stores can give you the best of both worlds: affordable pieces that will last longer than the cheap stuff.

Scoring furniture secondhand comes with a number of benefits beyond the price, though.

New furniture can contain toxic chemicals, including formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, among other potentially harmful chemicals. These pieces can take weeks or longer to fully release the chemicals. However, chemicals in used older pieces of furniture are typically inert, making it a healthier option. (Note that some secondhand stores will spray all incoming items with Febreze, which has been linked to some respiratory issues.)

Another benefit of buying secondhand is that it keeps items out of landfills and reduces new product manufacturing — both good things for the planet. Landfills contribute to methane pollution and other plant-warming gases, as does the manufacturing of new goods, which also puts pressure on natural resources.

Thrift stores are full of stylish furniture finds like this sofa. And, sometimes, you can find unbelievable gems (literally) like this necklace worth more than $50,000.

Redditors were quick to know a good thing when they saw it. 

"My mom has been looking at a sofa identical to this. It's over $4,000. Great find!" writes one user

"That is the deal of the century," another user writes.

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