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Homeowner reveals before-and-after photos from their upgraded tiny yard: 'One of the most incredible transformations I've seen'


Rewilded lawn

Photo Credit: u/TapirLove / Reddit

It doesn't matter how small your lawn is, it can still be transformed into a garden oasis. 

In a recent post on the r/NoLawns subreddit, a user shared unbelievable photos of their rewilded yard space, and it looks unrecognizable from its previous pictures. 

The first "before" photo shows a rectangle of traditional grass surrounded by gravel, without much notable landscaping or foliage besides a few scattered flowers.

Photo Credit: u/TapirLove / Reddit

"Before ... a useless rectangle of lawn and a very narrow flower bed on the side," the user wrote in the photo's caption.

The remaining photos show a breathtaking transformation that looks like a larger, more lively space. The grass has been replaced by a lovely stone path that takes up much less space, allowing more room for wildflowers, vines, and potted plants to thrive. In one of the photos, there's also a gorgeous bird bath next to a relaxing-looking chair.

"My garden used to be this pointless rectangle of lawn with a very narrow flowerbed on the side and some rotten decking in front of the shed. I had the lawn and gravel removed and replaced with two nice big bedding areas," the user elaborated in a comment. "I get loads more pollinators and birds visiting. I usually get two rounds of baby blackbirds in the bush, then a robin moves into the nest when they've fledged. And I don't need to mow the lawn anymore!!"

Removing lawns made of traditional grass can transform your yard in a beautiful way. Companies like Yardzen can create rewilded yards with native plants that will thrive in your local ecosystem and save you tons of money on water by ditching grass that's expensive to maintain. Rewilded yards are great for pollinators, homeowners, and everyone who appreciates natural beauty.

Users expressed their enthusiasm for the transformed yard in the comment section.

"Gorgeous. Your old garden sounds like my garden now, I can't wait to get rid of the grass and put in some raised beds so that I can grow some food and flowers," one user wrote.

"I love this, so much food for the pollinators: ) looks like the perfect place to sit and enjoy, great job!" another user said.

"This is one of the most incredible transformations I've ever seen," a third user commented.

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