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Homeowner shares video of garden visitor they're anticipating this spring: 'This video exceeded my expectations'

"I can't wait to see things like this again in a few months!"

"I can't wait to see things like this again in a few months!"

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Reddit is longing for the return of native flowers.

A winter-weary Redditor is spreading hope this week by sharing a charming video that captures the special bond between native plants and their pollinators

Posted in the r/NativePlantGardening community, the clip features a clearwing moth gracefully fluttering near a tall, leafy wild bergamot in full bloom.

"Winter has got me looking at my old videos and pictures from last year," wrote the original poster in the caption. "I can't wait to see things like this again in a few months!"

Judging by the nearly 300 upvotes and slew of heartwarming comments, many native plant gardeners share this longing for the re-emergence of native wildlife alongside spring flowers.

Beyond lifting spirits, welcoming more native plants like wild bergamot into your outdoor space uplifts local ecosystems. Their deep roots prevent soil erosion while capturing more planet-warming carbon pollution. They require zero pesticides or weekly mowing, saving you time, money, and grass clippings from burdening landfills.

Most essentially, providing pesticide-free, native blooms gives native pollinators like butterflies, bees, and helpful insects a safe, nutritious habitat. In return, they keep your yard thriving and help secure our food supply by spreading pollen.

If you'd like to bring these benefits to your local ecosystem, consult our step-by-step guide to "rewilding" your garden. You don't need to rip up your entire lawn — even a partial replacement of native blooms, clover, buffalo grass, and/or xeriscaping will do.

The colorful comment section was full of homeowners who enjoy these benefits when winter gives way to spring.

"I've had a horrible week and seeing this made me feel a little better," wrote one user.

"This video exceeded my expectations," added another.

One particularly passionate commenter said, "I miss the big black wasps and the mud daubers and the robber flies and all the butterflies! They're my inspiration for quadrupling the space I give natives this year."

Optimism for a sustainable future still springs eternal thanks to small acts of environmental stewardship. Choosing native plants represents one of many simple, affordable lifestyle tweaks we can make to uplift our communities while uplifting our planet.

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