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Homeowner shares 'beautiful' progress photos of their lawn transformation after ditching grass: 'We need more people like you'

"We need more people like you."

Progress replacing their lawn with native Australian plants

Photo Credit: iStock

A Redditor shared amazing photos documenting their progress replacing their lawn with native Australian plants.

In a post on the r/f***lawns subreddit, a user showed off their yard-in-progress.

Native Australian plants
Photo Credit: u/Stralopple / Reddit
Native Australian plants
Photo Credit: u/Stralopple / Reddit

The pictures show a massive chunk of the user's front yard with a beautiful variety of thriving greenery surrounded by mulch.

"Western Australia is a biodiversity hotspot with some of the coolest wildflowers. I want my verge to reflect that," the user wrote.

In their caption, the user explained that they wanted to intentionally create a more inviting space for local wildlife.

"I tried to focus on a wide variety of foods and habitats for birds, bugs, and lizards that are beautiful and often high priority species/declared rare," they wrote. "The bulk of them aren't in flower until it warms up in Aug/Sept so I've placed silver and variegated foliage strategically to break things up, with different levels of shrubs and ground covers to suppress weeds and give little critters safe spaces."

They went on to explain that the mulch is sourced from their trees, and that the grass the new plants replaced was killed by hand.

Rewilding your yard is one of the most effective ways to save money and help the environment. By replacing water-guzzling grass with less thirsty native plants and grass alternatives, you save money on your water bill and create a more welcoming environment for local wildlife, enhancing the biodiversity of your community. For example, grass alternatives like clover can enrich soil and attract pollinators, according to Forbes. Companies like Yardzen help customers develop the best strategies for rewilding yards with native plants.

Users shared their excitement about the new yard in the comment section of the post.

"Wonderful!! We need more people like you. This is perfect, I do the same thing here in the states," one user wrote.

"​​Amazing! Please post more as things bloom 💚," another user said.

"Absolutely gorgeous. Well played," a third user commented.

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