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Homeowner desperate for solutions after summer season brings inundation of mosquitoes to backyard: 'We literally can't be outside'

"Come summer you can't even have a coffee in the morning without absolutely getting eaten alive."

"Come summer you can't even have a coffee in the morning without absolutely getting eaten alive."

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If you're a parent who wants to protect their children, or a gardener looking for a pleasant experience, you're likely all too familiar with the growing health concern of bugs like mosquitoes. 

A frustrated Reddit user shared their mosquito predicament: "Come summer you can't even have a coffee in the morning without absolutely getting eaten alive … I hate to spray myself or my yard with poison but we literally can't be outside ... I'm desperate. Has anyone found a real solution??"

The Redditor mentioned trying every solution without luck, from eliminating stagnant water to constructing bat houses. While they have experienced temporary relief with portable bug-killing devices and sprays, they're determined to find a sustainable, long-term solution.

Part of the issue we're seeing with mosquitoes is rising temperatures. Our warming planet, partially caused by human-produced gases, allows mosquitoes to live longer and thrive in new areas — such as Finland — increasing the risk of mosquito-borne diseases. A recent study predicted that more than 8 billion people could be at risk of malaria and dengue illnesses by 2080.

In addition to hotter temperatures, the conventional approach to mosquito prevention, such as using bug sprays or pesticides, often involves harmful chemicals that can damage other wildlife and the ecosystem.

If lawn sprays are not correctly disposed of, they can pollute the soil or groundwater and poison other animals that use the ground as a food source, such as squirrels and birds.

DEET, the active ingredient commonly used in personal bug sprays, is banned in some European countries because of its potential health risks to some individuals, ranging from rashes to dizziness. 

Here's how you can fight back naturally and reclaim your outdoor space.

A few commenters shared similar successes to this individual with Mosquito Dunks, which use standing water and non-toxic bacteria that kill mosquito larvae without harming other wildlife.

"Mosquito dunks are awesome. They really work and [are] not harmful to other creatures," a commenter shared.

Another user provided insight on using Mosquito Dunks and how they can be effective in the long run. "It will disrupt their lifecycle," they said

Planting bug-repelling plants like lemon balm or citronella, which can disrupt some bugs' sense of smell, can help you better care for your yard and be effective against mosquitoes. One gardener showed that the bugs stay away if you rub lemon balm leaves on your skin.

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