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Homeowner shares their foolproof hack for a mosquito-free yard: 'I have not gotten a single mosquito bite'

"How is it 2023 and so many of us are just now learning that?"

Mosquito Dunks keep mosquitoes away

Photo Credit: @afinchmerely / Tiktok

Summertime means mosquitoes across the U.S. Thankfully, one TikToker recently showed viewers a little-known product that stops the problem at the source.

The scoop

TikToker Finch (@afinchmerely) posted a video in which she shows off Mosquito Dunks: a deceptively simple product that keeps mosquito larvae from becoming adults.

"You want to know something amazing?" she asks. "It's almost the end of May, I'm hanging out in my backyard, and I have not gotten a single mosquito bite."

@afinchmerely Im bringing mosquito dunks to all my friend's houses. Also it's safe for critters and birds! #mosquito #lifeinthesouth #lifetip #summertip ♬ Cena Engraçada e Inusitada - HarmonicoHCO

She then films a bucket of water that would normally be an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes since it's old, murky, and full of grass clippings. Sure enough, the water is full of tiny black specks of larvae.

But this bucket also has something extra: a Mosquito Dunk.

"That Dunk keeps them from maturing," Finch adds. "The mosquitoes come lay their eggs here, and then that is the end of their line."

Why it's great

According to Eartheasy, Mosquito Dunks are nontoxic to people, pets, and wildlife. Instead of using a general pesticide, they contain a special bacteria called BTI that targets only mosquito larvae. This makes Dunks a specialized solution that's safe for users' families and pets as well as the environment.

They're also easy to use and long-lasting, Eartheasy says. You don't have to make a special bucket — just add them to any standing water around your home, including gutters, birdbaths, and flower pots. The dunk floats on top of the water and each spreads BTI across up to 100 square feet of surface area and lasts at least 30 days.

Killing off mosquitoes is a great way to stay comfortable this summer. It also helps stop the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses like West Nile virus.

What everyone's saying

This seems like the kind of product everyone should know about it, but commenters were surprised to find out about it. 

"How is it 2023 and so many of us are just now learning that mosquito dunks exist?" one user wrote.

Another commented, "My entomologist professor completely recommends this! So much better for the environment than spraying."

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