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Photos of 'awful' McMansion for sale spark outrage online: 'What an absolute waste of money'

"It would take an entire weekend just to mow."

“What an absolute waste of money.”

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A decadently wasteful property for sale drew ire online when a Redditor shared pictures from the listing.

The post was shared in an anti-lawn community after it first appeared on a subreddit mocking McMansions: "large, cheaply built suburban homes with design flaws and a lack of architectural integrity," as the subreddit put it. These homes tend to be generically mass-produced to appeal to the upper middle class.

Photo Credit: u/NoMathematician3990 / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/NoMathematician3990 / Reddit

"What a waste of space both house- and lawn-wise," said the Redditor who cross-posted the listing.

The screenshotted photos showed a $2.5 million home almost 8,000 square feet in size with five bedrooms and six bathrooms. It sprawled across a property with multiple outbuildings, a winding driveway, and acres of featureless lawn in the middle of a wooded area.

"That $2.5 mil is the lawn care budget per year," joked one commenter.

"It would take an entire weekend just to mow," pointed out another user.

"Imagine the water waste," replied a third Redditor. "And the contamination level of any runoff from the property with the fertilizers that [it] requires."

"Everything about this is awful," summed up another. 

Like those Redditors guessed, caring for a lawn that size is no picnic. Big Sprinkler explains that it takes over 27,000 gallons to cover an acre of land in an inch of water, and the Spruce claims grass needs about an inch of water per week. 

Some of that can come from rainfall, but depending on the climate in the area, that can add up to millions of gallons of water each year — plus mowing, weeding, fertilizer, aerating, and reseeding.

Not only is it bad for the owner's wallet, but it's also bad for the environment. 

As another commenter said, "You leveled a forest and planted invasive grass to only build on 15% of the land." 

Removing native plants to replace them with a single species that doesn't provide food or shelter to wildlife does incredible harm to the local ecosystem.

"This is absolutely one of the worst ways to spend $2.5M," another commenter concluded.

"What an absolute waste of money."

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