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Homeowner left frustrated after HOA blocks money-saving home upgrade: 'Sometimes you need to take the reins'

"Look into other options that don't necessarily go on the roof…"

“Look into other options that don't necessarily go on the roof..."

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Battling against a homeowners association is never fun. It becomes downright frustrating, however, when you're trying to make environmentally conscious choices for your home.

In a post on the r/f***HOA subreddit, one homeowner shared his frustrations with his HOA's decision on solar panels.

He and his wife were hoping their HOA would purchase solar panels for their units. Not only would they provide a clean energy source, but the Redditor argues property values would go up and energy costs would go down.

Unfortunately, the board did not agree after being convinced by one board member, without evidence, that it would be a waste of money and lower property values. 

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In a frustrating outcome, the ultimate decision wasn't even brought to a vote. 

"Our HOA won't let us get solar panels because they 'look ugly,'" the Redditor grumbled in the post.

HOAs across the country are notorious for preventing homeowners from making money-saving, eco-friendly updates to their homes. Their roadblocking and stall tactics are standing in the way of a healthier planet, making victims of all of us.

Solar panels are a common source of conflict between homeowners and HOAs. Many HOA board members are under the assumption that solar panels will hurt property values, arguing that they don't fit the neighborhood's "look." 

These old-school notions couldn't be further from the truth. Solar installations have been shown to raise property values while simultaneously saving owners money. They are a major asset for homeowners, who pay lower electric bills by generating their own power, especially in sunny states like California.

Not only have solar panels become more accessible and affordable in recent years, but they're also a smart choice for the environment. The more power sourced from solar and wind, the less need there is to use more polluting methods and dirty energy such as gas and coal.

The Reddit post attracted all sorts of conversation about living a life dictated by the HOA approvals.

"Ask for the latest reserve study (if you have one) to confirm how much cash you have, what it's going to be spent on in the next 20 years, and if adding solar makes financial sense," a Redditor commented

"Look into other options that don't necessarily go on the roof and try to get a seat on the board when elections are held, usually at the annual meeting. Sometimes you need to take the reins," another user suggested.

A great way to take the reins with your HOA is to follow their process for amending rules.

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