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Draconian HOAs are banning these money-saving home improvements — here's how to fight back

These "right to install" laws give homeowners across America more power to improve their homes as they see fit.

HOAs banning solar panels

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Adding solar panels to your home is a great way to slash your energy bills and become a more environmentally friendly citizen. But many HOAs nationwide are banning home solar panels, leaving homeowners feeling frustrated and confused. 

Why do HOAs ban solar panels on homes?

HOAs are often concerned about the aesthetics of solar panels for homes, aiming to achieve a uniform look among the houses in a community. And some HOAs may fear that solar panels will increase the maintenance needed for the home, as they need to be cleaned and maintained. 

Many HOA boards also worry that home solar panels will decrease the value of the houses in the neighborhood. This worry is misguided, though, as Zillow reported that houses with solar panels sell for roughly $9,300 more than those without.

Because people love to buy homes that don't have large energy bills, solar panels allow people to profit, on average, over 4% more on house sales. Plus, if you produce more electricity than you use, you could actually make money from having a solar array. 

A right to home solar panels

In some states, homeowners have the right to install solar panels on their property, even if their HOA has rules against it. These "right to install" laws give homeowners across America more power to improve their homes as they see fit.

Not all states have these laws — though most do — so check if you live in one of the many states that protect homeowners from overbearing HOAs.

How to convince your HOA to allow home solar panels

If your HOA has a solar panel ban, you can convince the board to change their minds by showing them the benefits of home solar panels, including reducing energy bills and increasing a home's value. Online guides can help you figure out a plan of action. 

Additionally, you could point out that HOAs are increasingly allowing solar panels on homes.

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