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Gardener shares lesson-learned about spacing plants with photo of uncontrollable harvest: 'Mistakes were made'

"They can get out of control for sure!"

"They can get out of control for sure!"

Photo Credit: iStock

There's a certain art and science to backyard gardening, yet growing your own food can be more rewarding than you might expect. 

One Redditor shared a post about wildly successful tomato plants literally taking over the garden. "Mistakes Were Made. Guess We Didn't Space the Tomatoes Very Well," the Redditor wrote

"They can get out of control for sure!"
Photo Credit: Reddit
"They can get out of control for sure!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The post has been drawing attention online as more people become interested in gardening and follow the r/gardening subreddit to learn about growing their own plants. 

Although the Redditor's tomato spacing may be considered a gardening mistake (the general recommendation is 18 to 24 inches apart), the original poster did other things right. 

There are many benefits to gardening and creating a native plant lawn beyond just having a hobby. Gardens and natural lawns save homeowners money and time on lawn maintenance, conserve water while helping lower water bills, and create a healthier ecosystem for pollinators, ultimately benefiting humans since pollinators protect our food supply. 

In addition to growing your own tomatoes and other foods, you can establish an eco-friendly, low-maintenance lawn with clover, buffalo grass, xeriscaping, and perhaps even a partial lawn replacement. Even minor changes in your backyard can significantly affect your environmental impact and set a shining example for your visiting friends and neighbors. 

One Redditor shared in a comment, "This is me every year. Lol. And every year, I say I won't do it again the following year, but then I always end up trying to fit in as many tomato plants as I can. They are my favorite thing to grow."

Another Reddit user commented, "They can get out of control for sure!"

Yet, with all the sustainability benefits of DIY gardening, being "out of control" isn't entirely bad. 

"My first year, I did a row of tomatoes 2 feet apart, which worked out relatively well," a Redditor suggested

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