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Parent gets wildly creative with free party decorations for their kid's birthday: 'I absolutely love all of this'

"You did an amazing job."

"You did an amazing job."

Photo Credit: Instagram

As a parent, you want to pull out all the stops for your child's birthday and make it an unforgettable celebration for them and their friends. Decorations are a huge part of what makes a party memorable, but the expenses of birthdays can quickly put a damper on the fun. 

Thankfully, the DIY arts and crafts Instagram account Studio Rosie (@studio_rosie) shared how whimsical recycling-themed party decorations for their kid's birthday can be made using repurposed items you probably have at home. 

The scoop

If your kids love art projects and don't mind seeing their party decorations before the big day, this hack provides the perfect family-bonding opportunity. Before you start, you'll want to decide on a theme and gather materials like old newspapers, bubble wrap, and cardboard to decorate. 

"Rosie always has such creative ideas for birthday parties, and this year was my favorite yet! She wanted a recycling-themed birthday with happy sea turtles, sunshine, and butterflies," the Instagrammer said in the video's caption.

Make sure to have plenty of arts and crafts supplies handy, such as markers, paints and paintbrushes, glue, scissors, and ribbons to hang up the finished decorations. 

Rosie's mom used these materials to make newspaper flowers, bubble wrap fish, a smiling sunshine, and a peaceful-looking Earth with a heart in the middle. She also noted that their craft center had only recycled items, eliminating the need to buy new ones. 

"Inside, the kids crafted cardboard cutouts of their initials and outside we set up a recycling collection center where paper, plastic, and metal had to be sorted," she said in the caption with a smile emoji to show how proud she was of the project. 

Feel free to get creative with it, and save your decorations for the next celebration.

How it's helping

If you've ever decorated for a kid's birthday, you know how quickly the balloons, streamers, centerpieces, confetti, and other festive items can add up. This birthday hack will keep more money in your pocket and save you the hassle of shopping for party goodies and decor. 

Plus, reusing items eases the strain on the planet's resources and reduces the amount of plastic waste generated from party goods. According to Plastic Oceans, 380 million tons of plastic is produced each year, with single-use plastics accounting for 50%. 

Choosing nonplastic party favors and reusable cups can make the party even more eco-friendly.

What everyone's saying

Commenters loved the adorable decorations and felt inspired to create their own.

"My birthday is on earth day and one year I had 'pin the heart on Earth' at my birthday party. I would have loved these decorations," one person said.

"Happy birthday Rosie!! I absolutely love ALL of this, but most especially how vibrant our future looks because of the choices Rosie is making now. Kudos Mom, many thanks Rosie," another praised the mom and daughter duo.

"I LOVE themed birthday decoration. You did an amazing job and the flower lamp shades are just gorgeous," another complimented. 

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