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Party planner demonstrates genius hack to avoid burning money on birthday balloons: ‘Wish I’d known this about 5 birthdays ago’

“Also saved the environment. Win win.”

"Also saved the environment. Win win."

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Balloons are synonymous with birthdays and parties. So many celebrations — so much money down the drain. A party company has come to the rescue with a party-planning tip that will have you rolling your eyes for not thinking of it sooner.

The scoop 

The Pop-Up Party Co. (@the_pop_up_party_co) posted a video of the hack that saves money, time, energy, and the environment. 

The video demonstrates step-by-step instructions on how to save foil balloons for the next party.

“Simply cut off any excess ribbon or attachments, then insert a straw and gently apply pressure to deflate the balloon. Fold it up and pack it away,” The Pop-Up Party Co. explained in the post.

The post does not cover what to do when it’s time to reuse them, but while these balloons can also just be inflated by mouth and tied tightly to an object or pole to save even more money and resources, that’s not your only option. You may be surprised to know that many stores provide helium inflation services for a small fee on balloons purchased elsewhere, or even allow you to rent a helium canister (in the latter option, just be sure to resist the temptation to breathe in more than a puff or two for voice-changing nonsense, as this can be dangerous).

Money Pantry has a large list of common stores like Kroger and CVS that always or often provide helium inflation services, so the odds are good you have something nearby. Party City states on its website that it will always fill balloons even when they are purchased elsewhere, for a small fee, with all staff well-trained in the process, so party stores like this may be the best option by default.

How it’s helping

Holding on to balloons for future celebrations is a huge money saver. It also saves time and energy by eliminating extra trips to the store to find that special balloon, which in turn reduces gas pollution.

Since the packaging for balloons is typically made of plastic, not buying new every time you want to celebrate further helps prevent single-use plastic waste, which comprises around 50% of plastic use — one of the biggest threats to our oceans and marine life.

It’s important to keep in mind that all balloons released, whether intentionally or unintentionally, into the air will eventually become litter. With the ability to travel for thousands of miles before landing, they can pollute even the most remote ecosystems.

Both Mylar and latex balloons pose significant threats to wildlife, livestock, pets, and small children who eat balloon fragments or get tangled up in balloon ribbons and strings. This can lead to serious, if not fatal, injuries.

Not only is the balloon itself harmful but so is what we put inside of it. Washington University in St. Louis reported that while helium is a natural resource, the planet will eventually run out, as it’s nonrenewable. The U.S. Department of the Interior lists it among 35 elements or minerals critical to the nation’s security and economy.

To put into practice your sense of awareness about the environmental effects of balloons, keep in mind eco-friendly brands for your next soirée. It’s a great way to stay festive while reducing waste. There are also ways to keep the party going with no balloons at all.

What everyone’s saying

The consensus for the party hack was appreciation.

One Instagrammer commented, “Definitely wish I’d known this about 5 birthdays ago.” 

“Also saved the environment win win,” another chimed in.

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