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Reddit user shares how they snagged a PS3 and a hi-fi speaker for just $50: 'Goodwill came through'

"Absolute score."

PS3 and a hi-fi speaker

Photo Credit: u/nlafrenz96 / Reddit

Finding great deals on clothing items at your local thrift store is basically par for the course. But did you know that you can also find amazing deals on electronics?

One Reddit user learned that when they found a PlayStation3 and an iPod HiFi speaker for a combined $50 — $40 for the PS3 and $10 for the speaker.

The lucky Redditor posted their find, along with photo evidence, to the ever-popular r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit.

"Goodwill came through the other night," the post's caption reads. 

According to recent sales on eBay, a backward-compatible PS3 console could go for around $250. The speaker would usually cost around $100 on the online secondhand market, although some go for even more.

But the thrift store secondhand market has way better deals available than the online secondhand market — if you know where to look. More and more thrifters in recent months have taken to social media to share their finds, and the finds just keep getting better.

One lucky thrifter recently found a $250 Dutch oven for a mere $13 at their local thrift store.

Another found a beautiful vintage lamp for one American cent.

And another has an entire category of items that she always buys at thrift stores, including vases, picture frames, and seasonal decorations.

Thrifting isn't just a great way to save money. It also saves clothing, household goods, electronics, and other items from ending up in a landfill. 

In the case of this PlayStation3, it would have been a real shame for that to be its ultimate fate, firstly, because so many people would have wanted it, and, secondly, because PlayStation3s are not exactly great at biodegrading.

"Damn, this PS3 is my boyfriend's white whale. Nice find!!" writes one commenter on the Reddit thread.

"Absolute score on the iPod HiFi and PS3!" writes another.

Whatever your white whale is, it might be sitting in your local thrift store right now. And you might be the only one who can save it from a landfill fate.

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