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Thrift store expert reveals the items she 'never' buys new: 'I can always find them secondhand'

Thrifting is a simple way to save money on vintage or one-of-a-kind picture frames that would otherwise sell for as much as $200.

Thrift store

In a helpful Instagram Reel, Alyssa Barber (@newlifestyleabb) lists items she never buys new because she can always find them at a thrift store.

For many, thrift stores are solely a place to find affordable secondhand clothing. While they're certainly great for that, shoppers often overlook other items in thrift stores — and how much these thrifted items can save them. 

"Things I never have to buy new because I can always find them secondhand," Barber wrote in her caption.

At the top of Barber's list is organizational baskets. 

Many of us have fallen victim to the rush of organizational inspiration from series like Marie Kondo or the Home Edit. Buying these baskets from thrift stores is a perfect happy medium, allowing you to get organized without breaking the bank at expensive stores just for containers.

The next item Barber opts for buying at thrift stores is tealight or taper candles, which she says you can typically find packs of.

Barber also says she can always find more affordable and unique vases at thrift stores than at retail stores, adding that thrifted vases make a great addition to the flowers you plan to give someone.

Further, thrifting is a simple way to save money on vintage or one-of-a-kind picture frames that would otherwise retail from $20 to as much as $200.

And for typical seasonal decorations that are on display for only a few weeks each year, Barber chooses to save money by buying this decor at thrift stores. 

The same goes for specialty gadgets that are seldom used and aren't worth investing in, like a rapid hard-boiled egg cooker.

Lastly, Barber thrifts jars, food storage containers, glassware, dinnerware, and mugs to collect quality kitchenware while saving money. 

Besides saving you money, shopping secondhand helps keep resources in circulation rather than sending them to landfills and conserves unused resources, ultimately helping the planet.

In the comments on Barber's post, one user confessed that when it comes to buying items other than apparel, "I always forget about thrift shops!"

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