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Gardener shares regrets after allowing chickens in garden: 'I'm so upset'

"As an obsessed gardener, my heart aches for you."

"As an obsessed gardener, my heart aches for you."

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For many dreaming of the good life with their own small-scale home farm, having chickens is a big ambition.

Getting a regular supply of fresh eggs for breakfast every morning sounds incredible, but one gardener in Australia has warned of the problems poultry can bring.

Posting their tale to the r/GardeningAustralia community, the Redditor detailed that they took the chickens into their garden after a bushfire destroyed their grandparents' home.

"The chickens miraculously survived, but were homeless," they said. "I'm the only one who could've taken them in and kept them safe from foxes, snakes and dogs, so I did." 

The good deed was surely appreciated by the original poster's family, and they said they did not regret saving the chickens. However, they added, "I regret what they've done to my plants."

Their garden was destroyed soon after the chickens arrived, with the creatures escaping their pen several times and devouring what was in their adopted owner's vegetable patches and herb garden.

"I'm so upset I just want to give up on my one and only hobby," the forlorn gardener said.

It's a sad story, especially because gardening can improve happiness and keep feelings of stress at bay. What's more, those veggies and herbs would have saved them hundreds of dollars on grocery shopping, and their home produce probably would have tasted better than store-bought items, too.

Hopefully, they didn't give up on their hobby, and the chickens were reunited with their original owners. However, with global heating increasing the likelihood of wildfires through drought conditions and dry foliage, there's a chance they could be called into action again to look after some homeless hens. The next time around, though, at least they won't have to learn things the hard way, as others have also done. 

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"As a crazy chicken person, thank you for taking in these girls and caring for them," one Redditor said. "You've done a wonderful thing. As an obsessed gardener, my heart aches for you. I hope you can at least salvage some of your plants and all is not lost."

Another user offered a message of comfort: "That's really awful, I'm sorry doing the right thing cost you your garden. But, the work you put into the soil remains. If you choose to plant again, you won't be starting from nothing."

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