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Residents in disbelief after HOA cuts down several 'perfectly healthy' trees: 'The homeowners were not notified'

"Depreciating home values."

"Depreciating home values."

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A Gwinnett County, Georgia, resident was left in disbelief when their privacy trees were removed without any notice.

The Redditor posted their frustrations in the r/treelaw subreddit — a community where stories about tree law are discussed but no legal advice is given, according to the subreddit's definition.

The homeowner explained that although the land was communal, the trees were originally purchased by the homeowners when the HOA ran out of money in the budget. 

With the blessing and permission of the HOA, they also hired an arborist and took over the responsibilities of watering and fertilizing the new trees.

"The homeowners were not notified of this project which included removing perfectly healthy trees and leaving homes visible to neighbors and busy roadways, therefore depreciating home values," the homeowner explained.

To make matters more interesting, the OP updated the dilemma in the comments section saying, "No one, not even the [HOA] board members were notified or given a vote."

This obviously doesn't align with the title and led to follow-up questions that have yet to be answered — who ordered the trees to be removed? The mystery remains very much alive.

Symbolic of strength, growth, and interconnectivity, trees are vital to life on Earth. National Geographic reported that the livelihoods of more than 1.5 billion people — roughly 20% of the global population — rely on the oxygen trees provide. Trees also improve air and water quality, as well as preserve soil while encouraging biodiversity. 

Unfortunately, HOAs aren't exactly known for their planet-conscious decisions. They can be a giant obstacle for owners trying to adopt eco-friendly lifestyle changes such as solar panels, gardening, and rewilding

These changes save money and have been proved to increase property values. So it's worth the conversation with your HOA — especially if you know the right questions to ask.

The post was met with an array of insights.

One Redditor provided a link for information on Gwinnett County tree removal for homeowners under which someone commented, "Could be grounds [to] have the board removed, if the legal cards [are] played correctly."

A member of the HOA put in their two cents, advising to "ask for the arborist's report. Cities don't take kindly to removing healthy trees."

Another person wrote: "Consider rallying some neighbors to voice your concerns or consult with a local attorney who knows the ins and outs of HOA regulations in your area. Good luck getting your green privacy back!"

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