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Renter calls out landlord's ridiculous demands for removal of homegrown vegetables: 'It's organized and clean'

"No one comes into this yard but me and my partner and dog."

“No one comes into this yard but me and my partner and dog.”

Photo Credit: u/TheDickDuchess / Reddit

One renter was exasperated when their landlord called them out over a single row of potted plants at the side of their house.

Gardening is an incredible way to get fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. If you grow vegetables, you also get better nutrition thanks to your home-grown produce. Studies have shown an improvement in both physical and mental health for those who get outside and get planting.

Plus, you'll save money on trips to the grocery store, and the less demand there is for store-bought produce, the less air pollution providers will generate getting their products to you.

It's a little harder for renters, but usually, temporary gardening setups — such as potted plants — can satisfy this urge while keeping your landlord happy, too.

This wasn't one of those times.

"Landlord says we have 'too many plants' and wants us to get rid of them," complained this tenant on r/mildlyinfuriating. "This is our only personal yard and I'm growing mostly vegetables…"

They shared a photo of their "garden," which is a row of about 15 pots along the side of the house. None appear to be more than about a foot wide or about two feet tall. The entire area seems clean and well-maintained.

Commenters were baffled about what the problem could be. "Anything to do with obstructing the sidewalk or the landlord paying the water bill?" one commenter guessed.

"We pay all our own utilities," the original poster replied. "No one comes into this yard but me and my partner and dog."

"Maybe he's worried about you staining concrete?" another user suggested.

"I move them to the concrete to water them and let it drain, and then to the grass to get more sun throughout the day," said the original poster. "They're only lined up like this from maybe 7 pm to 8 am."

Commenters remained unimpressed with the landlord's complaints. "It's organized and clean," one Redditor concluded.

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