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This kitchen appliance can seriously cut down your cooking time — and you can basically get one for free

According to Consumer Reports, you can easily find portable induction stoves that cost anywhere from $60 to $200.

Portable induction stove

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Cooking can be a time-consuming task, but with the right kitchen appliance, you can cut your cooking time down to a fraction of what it once was.

Portable induction stoves are becoming increasingly popular for their ease of use, speed, and energy efficiency, but they're also safer for your lungs and about to be seriously affordable.

Why get a portable induction stove?

Induction stoves, in general, are the latest trend thanks to their energy-efficient nature, ability to cook quickly and evenly, and lack of gross gas fumes. Also, cleaning up is a breeze when using a portable induction stove, especially when compared to gas ranges with those grimy burner grates.

But not everyone can afford to redo their kitchen to install a brand-new induction range. A portable induction burner could be perfect for people who want the numerous benefits of induction cooking but don't have a huge budget.

Portable burners are also great since they don't require a ton of space — you can use them to cook in small kitchens, outdoor spaces, and RVs. 

Plus, if you're a renter and can't change out the stove your unit has, you can cash in on the benefits of induction by getting a portable burner.

How much do portable induction stoves cost?

According to Consumer Reports, you can find portable induction stoves that cost anywhere from $60 to $200, depending on the brand, the power, and the stove's features. More expensive models do exist if you're looking for a higher-end portable burner.

Can I get cash back for buying a portable induction stove?

You may be able to get up to $840 back, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), when you get an induction stove. Since most portable stoves don't cost $840, you could, in theory, get the IRA rebate to pay for the entire thing.

Check out Rewiring America's IRA Savings Calculator for more details on eligibility for the IRA's home electrification rebates.

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