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Apartment tenant shares stunning images of the mini-garden they use to attract pollinators: 'You don't need tons of acres'

"If you build it they will come! Good work."

Mini-garden use to attract pollinators

Photo Credit: iStock

A tenant is using some creative tactics to attract pollinators and posting the pictures on social media.

The images were uploaded on the Reddit community r/Permaculture, which describes itself as "a community for like minded individuals to discuss permaculture and sustainable living."

"So far it's avoided the weed whackers and mowers from the landscape crew," the Redditor wrote.

Photo Credit: u/elpato11 / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/elpato11 / Reddit

The images show a bench surrounded by a variety of plants in pots on a grass lawn. 

Pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, and other insects, play a crucial role in your garden as they facilitate the process of pollination, which is necessary for the reproduction of many plants.

They transfer pollen from one flower to another, aiding in fertilization. This process leads to the production of seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

Gardening offers a multitude of advantages. Having a variety of plants in your yard promotes biodiversity and improves soil health, but that's not all. Plants also aid in carbon sequestration, the process of reducing harmful pollution in the atmosphere.

Also, growing fruits and vegetables can save you money while contributing to the reduction of plastic packaging. 

Of the 40 million tons of plastic produced annually in the U.S., only a mere 5% is recycled. The majority of this plastic waste finds its way into the oceans, resulting in significant harm to marine life.

Redditors had a few things to say about the pictures. 

"If you build it they will come! Good work," one commenter wrote

"What a great space you have created! Just a wonderful post that goes to show you don't need tons of acres to do good things… where there's a will, there's a way!" another added.

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