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Homeowner distraught after discovering repeated trespassing offenses by neighbor's lawn care company: 'I feel really disrespected'

"I've lived with this neighbor for over 10 years and never had this issue."

"I've lived with this neighbor for over 10 years and never had this issue."

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One person's quest to provide a habitat for local creatures met its ultimate match: the neighbor's landscapers.

The homeowner took to the r/gardening subreddit to rant about their arch nemesis in a post captioned "Neighbor's mowers are going out of the way to cut my pollinator garden."

"I have a small field across a little stream on my property that I like to leave untrimmed in the spring for pollinators," they wrote, mentioning having dandelions, fleabanes, violets, henbits, deadnettles, Virginia spring beauties, and wild pansies for animals and critters in the area to enjoy.

However, trouble arose when the neighbor's mowers took the liberty to plow 30 feet into the original poster's property. The user went so far as to mark their property line with little flags to prevent it from happening again, but the workers disregarded them and continued trimming the garden.

The response? "Well, it doesn't seem like you're gonna cut it," the crew told the OP.

"It sucks because I'm just trying to help the wildlife around here," the homeowner added. "I've lived with this neighbor for over 10 years and never had this issue, so I don't want this to hurt our relationship, but I feel really disrespected by the mowers."

While the landscapers' literally and figuratively crossing the line was a problem in itself, another loser in this scenario was the pollinators in the area. They are crucial to the reproduction process of fruits and vegetables, transferring pollen from plant to plant. 

That fertilization leads to the generation of seeds and contributes to the diversity, health, population growth, size, and even flavor of the plants that we consume.

With habitat destruction and manicured grass lawns already depriving pollinators of a home, though, these mowers' overstepping boundaries made the situation all the more frustrating.

And, as some commenters pointed out, that unnecessary intervention may have violated laws.

"They're trespassing on your property. In some states that's against the law," one user wrote

Some offered advice that was vindictive, though others were more level-headed with their suggestions.

"You know what they say, good fences make for good neighbors...and honestly doesn't even need to be a good fence," someone commented.

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