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Parents share 'ingenious' idea to make the most of their kids' old playhouse: 'This is just fabulous'

"I absolutely love your creativity!"

"I absolutely love your creativity!"

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This cat-owning Redditor on r/Frugal shared a genius way to repurpose an old playhouse. 

"Reusing the kids playhouse as a catio," the user wrote. "Our kids are getting older. … We also have a cat that likes the outside but gets himself into trouble. We gave away the slides and swings … and we didn't have to buy anything besides the wire and door hooks to convert it."

"I absolutely love your creativity!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The playhouse was easily converted into a functioning catio with chicken wire and door hooks, and the user plans to use scrap wood to build a walkway and a cat door. 

If you're purchasing a playhouse for your children and want to eventually upcycle it, consider choosing a wooden one. Wooden playhouses are more durable, sturdy, and can last longer. They're also easier to upcycle than plastic playhouses, which are often made from HDPE plastic. This plastic — the same material that's used in milk jugs and shampoo bottles — is easy to recycle but not nearly as strong or versatile as wood. 

There are many ways to repurpose an old playhouse. You can repaint it to give it a fresh look as a cozy cottage or a modern mansion

They can also be converted into chicken coops or dog houses. Or, like this user did, make a catio for your kitty. 

A catio of this size could cost a few hundred dollars, but upcycling allows you to get the most out of your purchases. Old sweaters can become new bags, jeans into denim dresses, and broken beds can become desks and chairs.

So before you toss that empty parmesan shaker or the hot sauce bottle, consider the upcycling possibilities. Need help? The Cool Down has a guide to changing the way you get rid of your old stuff.

Commenters adored the playhouse's transformation.

"This is just fabulous," one user said.

Someone else said: "That is so cute and ingenious!!"

Another commented, "This is so cute! I absolutely love your creativity!"

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