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Carpenter stuns with upcycled furniture made from discarded bed found on the street: 'Looks fantastic'

"Awesome job!"

β€œAwesome job!"

Photo Credit: iStock

A carpenter turned one person's trash into treasure, wowing members of Reddit with the results. 

In the subreddit r/Anticonsumption, the carpenter shared how they recently turned a discarded Ikea bed into a desk and chair. 

 Ikea bed
Photo Credit: Reddit

The tabletop and chair seat are made from brown pallet wood, while the bed appears to have formed the black base of both pieces of furniture. 

"Awesome job! Looks fantastic!" one Redditor wrote.

Similar to fast fashion, the rise of the fast furniture industry has been hurting our planet, including through the use of toxic chemicals in the production process, deforestation, and carbon pollution from ocean transportation.Β 

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According to the latest data from the Environmental Protection Agency, almost 10 million tons of furniture in the U.S. ended up in landfills in 2018 β€” an increase of over seven million tons compared to 1960. Most of the furniture was made of wood.Β 

As the furniture breaks down in landfills, it can contaminate the soil and harm wildlife. The loss of our forests, meanwhile, has significantly contributed to dangerous rising global temperatures

As detailed by sustainable furniture brand Forti Goods, many fast furniture brands "use materials sourced from tropical areas of the world."

That means the final product is ultimately shipped two times in order to get to its final destination, adding even more to the amount of heat-trapping gases produced by the industry.

While some have turned to thrifting to save money while helping our planet, others have gone the DIY route, like the OP.  

It appears this latest upcycled success has inspired more people to do the same. 

"I'm starting to learn how to do a bit of woodworking so I can alter second hand furniture using wood from skips etc., and I'd love a bit of advice!" one Redditor wrote

"So sick! Love it," another said

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