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Seamstress transforms old jeans into a new creation that could resell for over $2,000: 'It looks like a runway piece'

"Forget the Canadian tuxedo. This is Canadian red carpet."

Denim dress, upcycling old jeans

Photo Credit: u/ktkn0423/ Reddit

Denim is always on trend, but one denim lover took things to the extreme with an upcycled three-piece red-carpet-worthy outfit made from eight pairs of jeans.

The denim outfit, which was shared on the r/upcycling subreddit, shows off the jeans' transformation via a series of photos of the dress with a wrap-around skirt, belt, and a denim handbag to match.

Clearly, the Redditor is not new to making their own clothes, as the quality of handiwork is on par with something you'd find at retail. 

Making your own clothes is a really great way to put old clothes, especially denim, to good use. Whether you're patching up a hole or transforming a pair of worn jeans into shorts, or taking things further like this Redditor did, finding new uses for clothing items can extend the life of those pieces and save you a bundle. 

A denim dress similar to the style of the Redditor's costs more than $2,000 new.

Plus, what's better than having total creative control over your OOTD? Making your own clothes is the ultimate in personal expression.

You're also wearing your commitment to the planet when you upcycle old clothes. By keeping those items out of landfills or from clogging up secondhand stores, you're helping reduce the planet-heating gases from landfills, and you slow the production cycle of new items. 

Redditors were in awe of the stunning fit. 

"Forget the Canadian tuxedo. This is Canadian red carpet," one Redditor writes.

"Um, WOW! Envious!" writes another Redditor. "Do you share other upcycled pieces? Would love to follow your work," they tell the original poster.

Another Redditor says that while a lot of upcycled pieces have them "cringing," this one "combines flair, fashion, and durability." 

"Awesome work and thanks for sharing," they add.

"That is absolutely fantastic!! Did you use a pattern?" another asks. "It looks like a runway piece."

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