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Mom shares simple method to keep food from spoiling and save money on groceries: 'This is an amazing idea'

"It's like the junk drawer of the fridge!"

"It's like the junk drawer of the fridge!"

Photo Credit: Instagram

We have all let groceries go bad in the fridge (sorry, bag of spinach), but there are some amazing people out there looking to help us do it less. One such Instagrammer has a great tip for helping you waste fewer groceries. 

The scoop

Rachel Coons (@heyrachelcoons) is an Instagrammer focused on "helping you spend less on groceries." She has tips for cooking, shopping, and reducing waste. In one post she shares what she calls her "perishable bin," an idea so simple you will wonder why you didn't think of it. 

In the video, she shows a plastic bin she keeps in the front of her fridge where she puts all of the items that are close to their expiration date. "When I am meal planning, or when someone needs a snack, I grab something from this bin," she explains. 

Putting stuff that is about to go bad all in one place, and in the front of the fridge, is a great way to keep this stuff top of mind. She has some fruit, cheese, apple sauce, and yogurt in her "perishable bin." 

How it's helping

Food waste is a big issue in the U.S. The average four-person family throws away about $1,500 worth of groceries each year. With inflation on the rise, finding ways to keep more money in your pocket is always welcome. 

In addition to money, this tip can save you time on grocery trips, plus it may push you to be a little more creative in the kitchen (especially with a little inspiration from Mayo Cat). 

Food waste is also a contributor to climate change, so eating more of your food and keeping it out of the landfill is helping your wallet and the planet. 

According to the World Wildlife Fund: "About 6%-8% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced if we stop wasting food. In the US alone, the production of lost or wasted food generates the equivalent of 32.6 million cars' worth of greenhouse gas emissions."

Tips like Rachel shared are a great simple place to start reducing your waste. Meal planning and freezing food are also great ways to aim for less food in the trash

What everyone's saying

Folks in the comments loved this idea. One person wrote: "It's like the junk drawer of the fridge! I love it!"

Another commenter simply said, "This is an amazing idea!!"

Someone else chimed in saying, "I don't have a bin but when I am planning for a meal I always go through my refrigerator first to see especially which veggies need to be used quickest."

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