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Home cook shows how empty peanut butter jars could elevate your next meal: 'I was totally taken by surprise'

"Best hack ever."

"Best hack ever."

Photo Credit: Instagram

An Instagram reel from a Virginia sustainability nonprofit has peanut butter lovers' mouths watering.

The grassroots organization Sustainability Matters (@sustainabilitymattersva) posted a game-changing food hack to its Instagram: turning the final few bites of peanut butter in your jar into a tasty Thai peanut sauce. Its reel shows you how.

The scoop

Simply keep your empty peanut butter jar, fill it with soy sauce, brown sugar, sriracha, ginger, garlic, rice vinegar, lime juice, and a little bit of chili sauce for some spice. Give it a good shake, and voila: DIY peanut sauce ready for all your flavor needs. 

You can add the versatile sauce to vegetables and lettuce wraps, or you can pour it over noodles or rice.

How it's helping

This sustainability tip helps you say no to takeout sauce packets, reduce plastic waste, and spice up your leftovers using ingredients you likely already own. The peanut butter upcycle is useful for people wanting to whip up quick stir-fry bowls, salad mix-ins, or protein wraps without heading to the grocery store for an overpriced little sauce packet. You can also customize your peanut sauce to be as sweet and spicy as you'd like.

What everyone's saying

Sustainability Matters posted the money-saving food hack late last week, and commenters are going nuts for it. Scrolling the comments, you'll see folks tagging friends and promising to try the idea themselves.

One user who was inspired to take the leap remarked, "WHOA. I was like "yeah, I know...overnight oats...." and then I was totally taken by surprise! Great idea." Another commenter crowned it the best food tip yet, saying, "Best hack ever."

So head to your pantry, grab that PB jar waiting to be tossed out, and shake up a fresh batch of peanut-y goodness. This sauce sensation proves that sustainable living also means affordable living.

What leftovers will you smother in DIY peanut sauce first?

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