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Farmer shares genius hack to get fresh-tasting fruit out of season: 'I've [never] seen it done this way'

"It also amplifies their flavor."

Genius hack to get fresh-tasting peaches out of season

Photo Credit: @wyseguide / Instagram

Fresh fruit is one of the best parts of summer. But thanks to a super simple hack by Kaleb Wyse (@wyseguide), you can now have fresh-tasting peaches all year long. 

"Want fresh-tasting peaches in the middle of winter? Let's freeze some," he says. "When peaches are ripe in the summer, they have the best flavor and the most sweetness."

The scoop

Kaleb's method is simple. He starts by prepping his peaches by cutting them in half, removing the pit, and giving you the option of leaving the skin on or off. 

"You can either leave the skin on if you want to — it has extra nutrients, leave it on," he adds. "But if you want to, you can also just peel them."

You should then cut off any bruised spots on your peaches to ensure the best flavor. 

"Once they're ready to go, you can just slice them up whatever size you want to eat or use in smoothies," Kaleb says. 

The next part is the big trick: Slice your peaches directly into orange juice or lemon water. 

"This is just orange juice but it keeps them from turning brown. It also amplifies their flavor," he explains. 

Kaleb then takes the slices out of the orange juice, shakes off the excess liquid, and places them on a parchment-lined tray for the freezer. Once frozen, he condenses the peaches into a freezer-safe container (he uses a reusable bag), removes the excess air, and stores them. 

"Now you'll have fresh-tasting peaches for whatever you want to use them for," he concludes. 

How it's helping

This hack has some serious benefits. 

First off, it can save some serious cash. Throwing away produce that has gone bad is like tossing money in the trash can. But produce is also cheapest when it's in season since it doesn't have to travel as far to reach local grocery stores. 

This hack can also help cut down on food waste by using those peaches that need to be eaten today and storing them for the winter. This is a big deal because approximately one-third of all food in the U.S. ends up in landfills every year — that's about 119 billion pounds. Of that, 42 billion pounds of food waste comes from our homes. 

What everyone's saying

Instagrammers were thrilled to learn this method for keeping their peaches all year. 

"I've not seen it done this way," one person said. "Definitely going to try it!"

"I am so happy that I stumbled across your posts!" another commented. "I really enjoy them and you share great info! Thank you!!"

"What a great idea," another user added.

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