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Homeowner at wits' end with neighbors' parking habits: 'Emergency services cannot get through'

"Call the cops."

"Call the cops."

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Chances are, you've had your fair share of troublesome neighbors. From loud parties late at night to not picking up after their pets, it's bound to happen. This Redditor's experience is no exception, and their neighbors' parking is more than just a neighborhood nuisance — it's illegal.

A Reddit user asked the r/BadNeighbors forum for advice regarding their neighbors' trucks blocking the road, with the added frustration of their homeowners' association refusing to intervene.

"[HOA says] they can't do anything about people parking in the road. There has been several times trash collection hasn't been able to happen for the week because trash trucks could not get through," the user wrote. "Should I call the police?"

The attached image shows two large trucks parked across from one another, leaving very little room for cars to drive in between. One of the vehicles is even parked in the opposite direction, which is illegal in many states.

Additionally, if the neighbors' vehicles are blocking the driveway, that's another issue. Residential driveways are considered private property, and blocking, obstructing, or using someone else's driveway is considered trespassing.

The OP mentioned that there is an HOA for their neighborhood, but that they refused to do anything about the parking problems. "All they care about is fining you for a few wildflowers in your front lawn (aka the water guzzling lawn that is also dead because nothing grows on red clay)," they wrote

HOAs are known for hassling residents over things like native lawns because they don't look neat and manicured like boring grass lawns. As the OP said, those require a lot of water, and even then, they don't always look good. Native lawns, on the other hand, grow naturally in the area so you don't need to spend money on toxic pesticides, fertilizer, or water. It's a win for your wallet and the environment. 

If your neighbor's vehicle is obstructing your driveway or street, it's generally recommended to try to sort it out with your neighbor first. If the problem isn't resolved there, document the situation and make a non-emergency report to the local police department. But if the parking blocks emergency access, Law By Merit recommends "contact[ing] law enforcement or emergency services immediately." 

Blocking the street disrupts traffic flow, worsens air and noise pollution through idling and honking, poses safety risks, and ultimately contributes to a diminished quality of life in the neighborhood. 

Commenters agreed that the police should be notified.

"This is BS," said one user. "Emergency services cannot get through."

"Call the cops," a user advised. "[I]n our neighborhood they have ticketed jerks like this because Fire and EMS vehicles can't get through."

Another user proposed a long-term solution for the narrow street, saying, "there should be no parking signs on one side."

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