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Concerned pedestrian sparks debate with photo of flagrant parking job: 'Send this pic to your local police'

"I'm shocked."

"I'm shocked."

Photo Credit: iStock

What should be the punishment for parking your car on a sidewalk in a crowded city?

In a post in a subreddit for discussing the "harmful effects of car dominance on communities, environment, safety, and public health," a user snapped a picture of a Dodge Ram occupying an entire sidewalk in Amsterdam.

The photo shows the black truck on a sidewalk, with only its two left wheels on the street, in a bike lane. "I f***ing hate cars. In the middle of Amsterdam," the caption of the post reads.

"I'm shocked."
Photo Credit: Reddit

While parking on the sidewalk in Amsterdam is illegal, that's not enough to deter drivers such as this one. This is a common problem in many major cities, including in England, Japan, New Zealand, and India.

Parking on the sidewalk is dangerous, as it forces pedestrians to go around the vehicle and into the street. This can be even more dangerous at night when it is more difficult for motorists to see pedestrians, as this Reddit user discovered in their neighborhood. 

It also makes these walkways inaccessible for people with disabilities, those in wheelchairs, and parents with strollers. 

Incidents such as the one in Amsterdam highlight the issues of design and infrastructure in cities that rely on cars. When roadways occupy the greatest area of a street, minimizing pedestrian walkways, it creates problems for drivers and pedestrians alike, even forcing people to park on sidewalks to prevent traffic jams, as this writer pointed out about Pittsburgh.

By placing emphasis on people and walking or biking as the main modes of transportation in cities, governments can create a safer system that allows accessibility for all, reduces planet-warming pollution, and can even beautify urban spaces.

Cities such as Paris and Tempe, Arizona, have seen positive results and what a future without cars can look like. 

"I'm shocked oversized trucks are allowed in Europe, especially Netherlands of all places," one user commented under this post.

Others agreed that this type of parking was annoying and illegal: "Send this pic to your local police social media account. They can't park like this."

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