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Gardener reveals how to get an endless cycle of free flowers with help from your current plants: 'Such a great idea'

The hack doesn't require you to constantly be out in the garden scanning for seeds.

The hack doesn't require you to constantly be out in the garden scanning for seeds.

Photo Credit: @flora_and_frost / Instagram

Annual flowers — flowers that replant themselves each season by dropping seeds — are an easy way to make sure your garden comes back each year. However, wind or animals can move those seeds around, so you're not guaranteed to have an abundance of your favorites each year unless you collect seeds as they fall. 

One Instagram user came up with a hack to save as many of your seeds as possible, and it doesn't require you to be routinely scanning for them in the garden. 

The scoop 

Flora & Frost (@flora_and_frost) on Instagram shared this easy hack that only requires one item — organza bags, otherwise known as sachet bags. 

The user recommends finding the flowers in your garden that seem "past their peak." This means that they have already been pollinated and are starting to wilt. 

Place an organza bag over the top of the flower, cinching it at the bottom, and leave it for a day or two. This not only catches the seeds that fall from the flowers but also is a great reminder of which flowers you tagged and to check them when you have time. 

The avid gardener recommends saving the seed packets that they came from if you still have them. That way, you can deposit the seeds back in their labeled packages for next season. 

This hack could be a life-saver for busy gardeners, as it's tough to constantly be checking for seeds. 

"A lot of times, flowers will develop their seeds and then drop them before you ever see them," the Instagrammer said. 

How it's helping 

This hack could save you a good chunk of change next season on your garden and guarantees you'll have an abundance of your favorite flowers. 

Despite these flowers dropping seeds specifically to regrow next season, wind or small animals can cause them to scatter. You'll be able to ensure that you have all of your favorite flowers planted and in the spots you want them with your extra stash of seeds. 

If you're looking to keep your garden healthy, there are plenty of hacks for pests and weeds and how to create fantastic mulch

Having a healthy garden makes your property gorgeous, and it's also a great way to help the environment. 

Plants naturally take in carbon pollution, releasing it later as oxygen, and also attract pollinators. Pollinators are essential to food growth and the health of your local ecosystem, so the more you have hanging around, the better! 

What everyone's saying

Comments on the post were impressed with the innovative hack. "Such a great idea," said one user. 

Others confirmed that it was effective. "I do that too, it's especially useful on plants with pods," wrote one user. Another chimed in as well, writing, "Got lettuce seeds this way earlier in the summer!" 

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