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Gardener reveals how one tiny plant can protect your whole garden from pests: 'I needed to see this'

This popular gardener is showing the public a simple, natural way to keep a certain class of pests away from plants.

How to prevent aphids naturally, Protect your whole garden from pests

Photo Credit: @thepinkjardin / Instagram

A popular gardener is showing off a simple, natural way to keep a certain class of pests away from plants.

Instagrammer Jil Hinds (@thepinkjardin), who has garnered more than 82,000 followers, shows her viewers how to keep the plant-killing aphids away from your garden. 

"Aphids hate these little guys," she says in the clip.

The scoop 

Hinds begins the video by explaining how "cloves not only have great benefits for humans, but 

you can use them in the garden because aphids hate these little guys." 

She goes on to explain how sprinkling cloves around your garden can repel aphids, spider mites, and even rodents. She tells viewers they can also crush the cloves and sprinkle them around each plant. 

How's it helping?

Homeowners may not be aware of the numerous benefits that come with growing their food in their gardens. One of the most apparent benefits is long-term savings since you no longer need to purchase fruits and vegetables from stores.

Moreover, studies have revealed that canned and packaged foods can contain various chemical contaminants, including metals. By growing your own food, you can free yourself from reliance on plastic and other packaging materials commonly used for store-bought produce.

Also, it's no secret that pests such as aphids can destroy your garden, but traditional pesticides are full of chemicals that can be damaging to the environment and your health for numerous reasons

What's everyone saying?

This interesting hack caused quite a stir among Hinds' followers and the Instagram gardening community.

"I needed to see this," one person wrote.

"Thanks for the tip. Does it work for earwigs?" another person asked, to which Hinds responded, "give it a try," before adding that they can also try using garlic "or peppermint solution."  

One commenter had another idea: "How about crushing a bunch of cloves, put the crushed cloves in a large spray bottle and add water to the bottle and spray the plants. That should take care of the aphids and make your garden smell really good!"

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