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Tenant shares photo of landlord's concerning 'open air' laundry room: 'Powered by an extension cord'

"I'm sure this violates several ordinances."

"I'm sure this violates several ordinances."

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In-building laundry is one of the most sought-after amenities for new tenants looking for a home. One renter was in for a surprise when their landlord moved their washer and dryer to a new permanent home: outside.

A post in the subreddit r/mildlyinfuriating shows a photo captioned: "Landlord is converting the common areas (parking and laundry) into additional units. Introducing the new 'open air' laundry room. Powered by an extension cord and water just runs out into the grass."

"I'm sure this violates several ordinances."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The lone washer and dryer look out of place in the photo, with water streaming from the washer into the tiny space of grass and mud. "I'll be reporting it to the city in the morning," the OP said in the comments. "I'm sure this violates several ordinances."

Across the country, many tenants have been subjected to harsh guidelines or new policies by landlords in their attempts to make a greater profit. Some renters are stuck with dangerous old appliances causing gas leaks, charged more for electric vehicle chargers, or forced to run up water bills to keep their yards green in the Texas heat.

Many renters have also shared stories of landlords destroying gardens or throwing out their plants, preventing them from adapting to eco-friendly habits that could save them money on groceries. Some homeowners even faced problems when trying to save energy and money by drying their clothes on a clothesline.

No one wants to go outside to use a washing machine. This "open air" laundry room could also have adverse effects. It's a potential fire hazard due to the extension cord, and soapy water runoff from the laundry could impact the outdoor plants.

"Many state laws require certain things to be maintained and inside so check accordingly," commented one user.

"As a resident and neighbor you have the right to dispute the permits he has to get to convert and build his additional units," commented another user.

Other users thought of the more glaring problems with an outdoor laundry room available to passersby. "How long will it be before someone uses a crowbar to get at all the coins?" said one commenter

"Why just the coin when you can take the entire machine," commented another user.

If you are a homeowner or a renter, check out The Cool Down's HOA guide to learn more about making eco-friendly changes at your home or apartment.

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