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Expert gardener demonstrates 'genius and affordable' self-watering method: 'Love this concept so much'

"I wish it was that easy for me to stay hydrated."

“I wish it was that easy for me to stay hydrated.”

Photo Credit: @thecottagepeach / Instagram

Did you ever think you could get healthier plants with less effort? One Instagrammer shared a watering hack that requires less work and will make your plants even stronger. 

The scoop 

Dagny Kream's (@thecottagepeach) bio on Instagram states she is "crushing your garden fears and encouraging you to garden + grow your own food," and her hack to make watering your plants easier does just that. 

The system is called olla watering, and it's actually been around for centuries. 

Instead of using a watering can and pouring water over your garden regularly, you can buy a few terra cotta pots, plant them right in your garden, fill the pots with water, and cover them. 

Terra cotta is a porous material, so as the soil dries out and is in need of water, the water inside the pot will seep into the soil — making sure that your plants continuously have the perfect amount of water at all times. 

Kream mentioned in the comments that she fills the pots approximately every three to five days, but that if there are a few rainy days, she may not need to do it for a week. 

The added bonus? This watering method actually encourages your plants to grow stronger and deeper root systems, and it also conserves water by keeping it in the garden rather than having it evaporate from the surface. 

Kream echoed all of our feelings in the video, saying "I wish it was that easy for me to stay hydrated." 

How it's helping 

How can you argue with a hack that's affordable, makes your life easier, conserves water, and makes your plants stronger? After all, healthier plants will result in more flowers and produce. 

What makes it even better is that growing flowers and/or produce is also great for the environment. Flowers attract local pollinators that work to keep your ecosystem and crops healthy, and growing your own produce saves money and cuts back the plastic packaging your fruits and veggies would come in if they came from the store. 

What everyone's saying  

Viewers were thrilled with the hack. "Love this concept so much! It's a game changer in the garden," said one. Another added: "This is such a genius and affordable self watering setup!" 

Others were able to confirm that the hack is effective. "Did this in my small veggie garden this year and it worked like a charm," wrote one user.

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