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Remarkable before-and-after photos show dramatic backyard transformation: 'End result was 0% lawn'

One homeowner posted the before and after of their lawn makeover on Reddit.

NoLawns backyard transformation

Photo Credit: u/mealsharedotorg / Reddit

While a freshly cut lawn might look and sound nice, it's just not sustainable. Plants weren't meant to be tamed like that, and you weren't meant to be stuck on a lawn mower

The NoLawns subreddit is all about "alternatives to monoculture lawns, with an emphasis on native plants and conservation." The science is clear: Lawns and lawn maintenance contribute to the climate crisis.

One Redditor posted the before-and-after photos of their lawn makeover on the subreddit. "End result was 0% lawn," they wrote. They also shared pictures of the renovation process.

before-and-after photos show dramatic backyard transformation, NoLawns
Photo Credit: u/mealsharedotorg / Reddit

This Redditor's effort to renovate resonates with Yardzen's American Rewilding Project, which aims to support the redevelopment of healthy ecosystems through the design of outdoor spaces: "By planting ecosystem-sustaining species in every yard, we create natural habitats for beneficial insects and pollinating birds, bees, and butterflies."

According to Yardzen's 2022 trend report, the project has already planted more than 100,000 pollinator-friendly plants, more than 50,000 trees, and over 25,000 edible plants across the U.S., therefore conserving more than 1.1 million gallons of water.

Although this Redditor's "No Lawns" efforts are just one drop in the bucket, the photos could inspire many more, and already do. 

One Redditor even dreamed of vines stretching through that beautiful lattice, saying, "Looks great. Will you get some vines to grow on that corner lattice?"

The original poster responded, "Yes! We have some roses all over the lattice now."

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